Can Acupuncture Help Insomnia?

by Kim Drolet, L.Ac.

Sleep problems can be effectively treated with Chinese Medicine. Millions of people suffer lack of sleep, and the negative health and personal consequences. Many people dislike the side effects of western pharmaceuticals that may be prescribed. The good news? Acupuncturists can diagnose the specific reason you are having the specific type of sleep problems you are having. Whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, waking too early, nightmares, urinating too often, there is a Treatment protocol to help you sleep better. Chinese Herbal Formulas can also be prescribed, which are non-chemical, natural medicine to adjust your physiological systems responsible for your sleep problems. You may not sleep 8 hours immediately, but by working together we can get you sleeping better, and ultimately get you to sleep 7-8 hours.

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