Free Chinese Pulse Readings! What's That?

by Kim Drolet, L.Ac.

Come in to get a complementary Chinese Medical Pulse Reading!

What is that, you ask?
I will take your pulse on 3 sites on both wrists and then:

  • Provide you with a Chinese Medical Diagnosis.
  • Tell you possible negative health symptoms you may have.
  • Offer lifestyle and nutrition advice specific to your Diagnosis.
  • I will prescribe a Chinese Herbal Formula if you like.
  • I will explain your diagnosis and how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine could improve your health.

How long does it take?
About 15 minutes total. The pulse reading takes about 5 minutes, and then we will have time to discuss if you like.

Can you predict what health problems I have?
Yes, to some degree. Chinese Pulse Reading is an ancient technique that can see the relative strength and weaknesses of your different body systems. For example, if I detect a weakness in your “Lung” pulse, it could be because you had asthma as a kid, suffer seasonal allergies, or you catch colds often. I am not a magician, I am simply reading different body systems through the pulses found at the wrist.

Why should I get a Pulse Reading?
Because I can help identify simple ways you can improve your health. Plus, it’s fun, strange, and a new experience.

Can kids do it?
Yes! They have to be older than 5. Before that age, the channels are not thoroughly formed and thus the pulses are not as reliable. After age 5, yes, kids can do it. There are no side effects.

My kid is under 5 years old, can you do anything for them?
Yes! Chinese Medicine can treat any age after birth. I can do a Tongue Reading and provide you with health information about your child.



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