Five Words to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary

by Kim Drolet, L.Ac.

1.   TRY

When you fail, you say “I tried.” When you succeed, you say “I did it!” The feeling of failure is implicit in the word Try. People often use try because they avoid commitment to yes or no, and avoid responsibility for the outcome.

Replace Try with “I’ll do my best” or “I am doing my best”.

2.   HOPE

Hope transmits a feeling of anxiety, a subtle dread that something bad is about to happen, or could happen.

Replace “I hope that” with “I trust that.” It feels different. It is positive and gives a commitment while providing security.

3.   PROBLEM, aka, IT, I HAVE, I AM

The word Problem emphasizes an obstacle generating a feeling of helplessness. If you dwell on difficulties, barriers, or defects, your mind reinforces that feeling, and will affect the physical body and world as well.

The word Problem comes in 3 guises: “It” “I Have” and “I Am.” Using these words put the control outside of yourself, and contribute to helpless feelings, and loss of responsibility for taking action. When you talk about your Problems, you are de-emphasizing action and solutions, and reinforcing barriers.

Replace Problem, It, I Have, and I Am, with Situation, Circumstance, Difficulty or Challenge.

4.   SORRY

Sorry means you are responsible and deserve punishment or blame. This is not true of anyone in almost all situations, or should only be used in the absolute worthy situations. Using Sorry in common language produces feelings of worthlessness, and takes your power away in a situation.

Replace Sorry with: I Apologize, or Excuse Me/My.

5.   CAN’T

Can’t means that a person is physically unable, most of the time. However, in common usage, Can’t is often used as a replacement for Won’t. In other words, Can’t really means “I choose not to deal with this issue.”

Replace Can’t with: “Will Not” or “Won’t” when you want to use “Can’t” and and see how the meaning changes, whether it creates discomfort for you, and whether possibilities open in your circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Words are powerful, both in our thoughts and speech. You have the power to choose a positive or negative way of thinking about and and expressing your circumstances. These choices can powerfully impact you. Start using and thinking ideas and words that build a mind full of healthy, happy, optimistic to most powerfully respond to whatever Life throws at you.

“I permit myself to say only what I want to be.”

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